Frequently Asked Questions About the Kovner Fellowship Program

Q. What is the Kovner Fellowship?

A. Established in 2014, the Kovner Fellowship is a merit-based scholarship award that covers the full estimated cost of attendance to The Juilliard School. Kovner Fellows benefit from comprehensive scholarship support covering tuition, room and board, and additional expenses, and by enhanced programmatic content. Juilliard is extremely grateful to Bruce and Suzie Kovner for their pioneering generosity and visionary leadership in establishing this program.

Q. Who is eligible for a Fellowship?

A. Kovner Fellowships are open to classical music applicants who are offered admission to The Juilliard School into the following programs: Bachelor of Music, Master of Music, Graduate Diploma, and Artist Diploma. This includes current students who are offered admission to a new program of study at Juilliard (e.g., a graduating bachelor's degree student accepted into the master's degree program). Students in Dance, Drama, Jazz, and the Doctor of Musical Arts programs are not eligible for consideration.

Q. Are Kovner Fellowships open only to new students?

A. No. Current undergraduate classical music students who are entering their third or fourth year of study and current Master of Music, Graduate Diploma, or Artist Diploma candidates entering their second year of study are also eligible. 

Q. How do I apply?

A. There is no application. Eligible students are recommended by the faculty to the Kovner Fellows Selection Committee for consideration. Nominations from individual faculty members and those submitted by departmental consensus are given equal consideration.

Q. When are Kovner Fellows selected?

A. The Kovner Fellows Selection Committee chooses newly admitted students (which includes current students admitted to a new course of study) shortly after the audition period concludes in March. Continuing students are selected after the annual jury period in late May. 

Q. When is the new class of Kovner Fellows announced?

A. New students are informed of their status at the same time they receive their offer of admission to the school in early April. Continuing students receive notice in early June.

Q. What are the criteria for choosing Fellows?

A. Kovner Fellows are chosen based on three primary criteria:

  • Artistic merit of the highest caliber (as determined by faculty nominations, audition comments/ratings, jury comments, and resumes.)
  • Successful academic history (as measured by academic transcripts and, when applicable, English language proficiency in accordance with prevailing admissions standards.)
  • Personal capacity for intellectual curiosity, commitment to the value of art in society, and potential for leadership in the field (as determined by application essays and letters of recommendation.)

Q. How many Fellowships are awarded each year?

A. The exact number of Fellowships varies from year to year. The program at capacity will have approximately 50 Fellows, comprised of both undergraduate and graduate students.

Q. How long does the Kovner Fellowship last?

A. The Kovner Fellowship will be renewed every year during a student’s enrollment in his or her current program of study and based on certain criteria. Continued designation as a Kovner Fellow is contingent upon fulfilling all of Juilliard’s academic and performance requirements, including the grade of at least a B+ in studio lessons and performance classes, a satisfactory jury examination, and maintaining good academic standing.

Q. What are the expectations of Kovner Fellows?

A. Kovner Fellows should demonstrate the highest level of excellence in every endeavor at The Juilliard School. Fellows should contribute to the Juilliard community in ways that uphold and promote the values and mission of the School. Both as musicians and as citizens, Fellows are expected to act in a way that will reflect positively on themselves, the School, the Fellowship program, their peers, mentors, and teachers.

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